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Odes to All Things Divey

As fans of dive bars, breweries, food trucks and the like, it’s natural to wax a little poetic about our favorites. The features below tackle some of the timeless debates of our time – as long as they’re mostly about beer and food.

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Snake & Jake Christmas Club Lounge - New Orleans Dive Bar - Outside

Top 5 New Orleans Dive Bars

Picking a favorite New Orleans dive bar is a little like picking a favorite child. The combination of New Orleans’ history, its countless cultural influences and unique neighborhoods makes for fertile dive bar breeding ground.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Now That's Class - Cleveland Dive Bar - Dart Board

Top 5 Cleveland Dive Bars

In the most affectionate way possible, Cleveland might be the dive bar of America. And while that might sound like a negative, from this writer it is a glowing compliment, a tribute to the city’s longevity, deep history, unapologetic authenticity and almost universally down-to-earth residents.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Johnnie's Glenn Avenue Grill - Columbus Dive Bar - Interior

Top 5 Columbus Dive Bars

Without some of the manufacturing history of Midwestern neighbors like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Columbus still packs a dive bar punch with deep routes, vibrant neighborhoods and the classic Midwest corner dive bar.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Mahuffer's - Tampa Dive Bar - Interior

Top 5 Tampa / St. Pete Dive Bars

The borders are blurred a bit here, extending past Tampa proper into dive-friendly beach towns like St. Pete Beach and Clearwater. The combination of beach shack and classic dive bar is an elixir best found in Florida, and these are a few favorites.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Thirsty Beaver Saloon - Charlotte Dive Bar - Exterior

Dive Bar Rating Criteria

While what makes a dive bar a dive bar is undoubtedly an objective and scientific truth (see our expert take here), the process of ranking and rating dives is a wholly subjective exercise. Those generous caveats aside, a few thoughts on what makes a great dive…
Read Time: 5 minutes

Betty's Bar - Columbus Dive Bar - Exterior

What Is A Dive Bar?

Qualifications are subjective, but the definition of a dive bar is more than cheap High Life and a dirty floor. Prepare to get a little sappy, a little poetic, a little over the top in defining what makes dive bars the finest places on Earth.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Stop Reading, Go Drink

Spechts Texas

1887 Texas classic.

Palmer’s Bar

Timeless 1906 Minneapolis classic.

Dana Gardens

Signature-covered Xavier staple.

Q Street Bar & Grill

One with the neighborhood.

The Drunken Clam

Florida beach dive template.

VFW Post 76

Oldest VFW in Texas.

Buddy’s Place

Because John Wayne said so.

Texas Cafe & Bar

Texas roadhouse meets dive.

Jumbo’s Bar

Detroit’s green dive bar shoebox.

Terminal Bar

Wood paneling inside out.